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Digital photography has revolutionized the way we use and view photography today. Since their first introduction into the marketplace in 1997, digital cameras have exploded on the scene with phenomenal success becoming more and more affordable for the average consumer. If you do more than just take family vacation photos and genuinely have the desire to practice your photography and improve it, then you can easily start earning from your hobby. All you need is your camera, a computer with internet connection, and an editing program; and you’re in business. 소액결제현금화

There are a number of micro stock photo agencies that will market your photos for free and pay you royalties for all sales. It’s that simple. You simply sign up and start uploading your edited images according to their specifications. Whenever an image sells, you receive a payment into your account. There are no sales calls, no customers to deal with, no promoting necessary. Plus, you will learn to take really good photos and maybe one day you’ll decide to go pro.

I began as a way to supplement my income but today I see bigger possibilities. As your image library grows so does your income. It’s a pleasant surprise to wake up and see you’ve made money while you slept. There are unlimited photo possibilities all around you that can sell as micro stock. Don’t limit your imagination. I have found that many images I never thought would sell ended up selling quite well. The key is to always be creative and willing to learn and constantly improve. When that first sale comes you’ll be hooked!

The various stock photo sites differ in their own unique way but are user-friendly and once your images are approved you can start earning immediately. You may, however, prefer to sign up as an exclusive photographer at just one site. There are advantages to that, such as higher commissions, but that is something only you can decide. So, sign up, pick up your camera, and start shooting today.

When Chad was first introduced to online stock photography he immediately began to investigate the possibilities and soon was hooked. He currently shoots lots of stock photography in his quest to create a huge library of images and to travel all over collecting those images. Chad invites you to get started earning money in stock photography.


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