Radio and Television Careers in Art and Design

With the advancement of technology the field of art & design has become a big and one of the major industries that has created numerous job opportunities in the last few years. Radio and Television are few important sections of this art and design industry that has spread its wings and gained enough popularity in recent times. Actually, in the past few years, the demand of highly skilled and well trained professionals has grown at phenomenon rate. These days, radio has become an international medium for expression, and career profile like newsreaders, musicians, radio DJ’s has become few career options. Adding to this, television has also pulled the attentions of many aspirants.

Kind of work in Radio and Television

Most of the radio and television jobs involve working in a studio. Jobs related to radio generally includes recording, editing, and writing local commercials and many more.. In addition to this, like radio stations, today TV stations also need a lot of people to produce programs like news shows, talk shows, and other public affairs programs. lg smart tv 43 inch 4k They require production workers to run cameras, edit, write, and direct programs. Thus, there is tremendous variety of work in both radio and television industry and for each responsibility a personnel is required specialised in specific field. Radio & television jobs may seem very fascinating and glamorous for mass, but it needs dedication as it usually includes long working hours.

Employment in Radio and Television

Today there are over a thousand of radio and television stations in the United States. There are many different types of radio stations and music stations, that covers a wide range of music styles from hip hop to country to rock, providing plenty of scope for aspires in this field. Moreover, there are news stations that only report international and national news all day and night. Hence, whatever your interest is, you can surely find a radio station that could match your interest. Adding to this, there are many television stations as radio stations. This is a work area where one can look for variety of job profile, like providing support and background research as an assistant producer, selecting and assembling pre-taped video to create a finished program as a video editor or operating and maintaining the electronic equipment as a technician. Apart from all this, employers seeking other designations in the field of radio and television are Website or Internet producers, Radio announcer, Broadcast news analysts, News writers, Technical directors, Assistant chief engineers and many more.

Salary offered

According to a Radio and Television Broadcasting Salary Survey report the median salary of a bachelor degree holder working as a film/video editor is around $40,000. Referring to the same report, news reporters can earn up to $26,000, while executive producer can get salary up to $102,500. On the other hand, news anchors can earn $42,500 and an executive assistant usually get $50,000. Apart from this, experience, strength of an organisation and location of the work place are factors that can affect the variations of salary offered in this field.

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