Must Read Poker Books That Every Poker Player Should Read

The poker rules might be straightforward. But did you ever stop to consider that these rules make take you a lifetime to master? Yes, you read that right. From large-field tournaments to live cash games, there are so many psychological nuances and strategies to consider.

But fortunately, many poker players have scribbled down their knowledge and wisdom in the form of a book. And that’s how you get a chance to learn the time-tested strategies. On that note, here are the must-read poker books every poker player must read before playing poker online games.

  1. Harrington on Hold’em

It won the event at the 1995 World Series of Poker. And Dan Harrington is the veteran of this game. His book takes readers away from cameras – into the intricate details of the universe of poker tournaments.

Read about Harrington’s thoughts. Learn what he shares through the time-tested strategies that include the best way to optimize the betting patterns & respond to the re-raises. In simple language, this book helps you to play better and think more intricately as a mature poker player.

  1. Elements of Poker

Every time, someone comes along & rips up the book. When it comes to Tommy Angelo, it gets manifested in Elements of Poker. Note that it’s the 266-page compendium of poker takeaways. Although it’s funny yet its sternness takes the reader into uncharted territory. It asks them to think about the things they had perhaps never considered ever.

This book is not just about hand ranges, percentages, or pot odds. Instead, it serves as a guide to considering the mindfulness and professionalism of poker games. If you wish to battle with your physiological and psychological stresses of the game, this book comes in handy.

  1. Book of Poker Tells

Mike Caro’s book happens to be the most influential & highest-ranked volume on body language psychology and for all good reason. The tell-all & show-all paperback dictates how when poker players want to win consistently they must understand, acknowledge, and interpret the opponents’ movements.

As per the general rule, it’s the weakness that usually means strength. And strength means weakness. However, you need to decide how much weight you need to offer and most importantly at the given moment.

  1. Super System

It doesn’t become a proper list if you do not mention Godfather of Poker. Yes, you guessed it right – it’s Doyle Brunson’s very first book. And in all true-blue ways, Super System is just the legendary version of the experience of this legendary man.

Simply put, it’s not only Texas Dolly who offers his secrets. It’s also full of expert advice from the poker luminaries such as David Reese, Mike Caro, David Sklansky, Joey Hawthorne, and Bobby Baldwin. As the two-time WSOP or World Series of Poker Main Event champion & a Poker Hall of the Fame inductee, no one’s there as qualified as Doyle Brunson who can take the game to newer heights.

  1. Play Poker Like the Pros

Where can we even start with this legendary person? Although he might be a polarizing figure in the world of poker games, there is no denying “Poker Brat’s” success. 2015 witnessed Hellmuth capturing the record 14th World Series – the feat no one else came close to claiming.

When that alone was enough to invest in the book, there has been more. Play Poker Like the Pros won’t just teach you the playing tactics of winning Texas Hold’em but you also get unprecedented access to the tournament-tested strategies of Hellmuth.

So, these are the five most important poker books every card-gaming connoisseur must read.

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